We Launch our Website and First Online Guide to the Camino de Santiago

Painting a yellow arrow on the outskirts of Puente la Reina de Jaca. | CAMINOS PEREGRINOS

Caminos Peregrinos, a personal project connected to the Camino de Santiago, began a few years ago. Throughout this time we have shared the day-to-day of the Camino and hundreds of pictures of our pilgrimages through our accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our passion for the Camino has led us to this website that we launch today and that we start with this guide to the Aragonese Way.

From Caminos Peregrinos we are going to try to promote the same philosophy that led to recover and revitalize the millennial route in the 70s and 80s. This thinking is quite away from the pilgrimage that prevails today, turned into a race that congregates the most of pilgrims in a radius of 100 kilometres around Santiago, forgetting the rest of the route. In the words of the writer and journalist Dino Buzzati, “like knight-errants who set out on a war without land to conquer”, we feel obliged to support this philosophy that was the backbone of a huge and disconnected territory, preventing many villages from passing into oblivion.

In the guide of the Aragonese Way you will find an introduction and detailed information of every stage: a map, an elevation profile, intermediate distances, the percentage of dirt tracks and pavement and an accurate description of the itinerary, all of them thanks to a previous field work. The guide also includes the albergues and lodgings in each locality, as well as a couple of sections that invite you to know the most outstanding towns and villages. In addition, on the website we have included a blog where we will periodically publish reports and photo essays about the Camino, an invitation to discover its nooks and ins and outs.