The Guide

In this section you will find all the information necessary to face your pilgrimage. Each stage of the different guides offers data collected on the ground that include a map, an altimetry profile, the weather forecast, the intermediate and total distances, the percentage of land and pavement and a detailed description of the itinerary.

The guide also includes the services, a file of each hostel and the accommodations of each town, as well as a couple of sections that invite you to know the points of interest and the gastronomy of the most outstanding populations.

The guide will help you to plan the Camino and it will be very useful during the pilgrimage, revealing interesting information about the places you travel.

Los caminos

Aragonese Way







The prolongation of the Vía Tolosana along Spain is known by the Camino Aragonés (Aragonese Way) or by the Camino Francés por Aragón (French Way through Aragón).